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3 Tips For Easily Creating Content!

Stuck on creating content? Here’s how to get unstuck and push yourself to become a content generating machine!

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3 Newbie Internet Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Here are 3 big mistakes that I’ve seen over the years. Avoid them at all cost! Watch this video to learn more:

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How to Set Goals and Stay Motivated

Do you have big dreams or goals in your life? Don’t live your life with regrets. Learn how to accomplish your goals and become successful! Check out this video…

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5 Ways to Capture More Leads For Your Business

Looking for ways to get more clients for your business? Watch this video and learn how to magnetically convert prospects into customers!

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5 Tips for Getting YouTube Traffic Using Video Marketing

In this video, I’ll go over 5 tips that will get you more traffic using YouTube. I’ve found these strategies to be very effective. In fact, one of these strategies has allowed me to get over 1.2 million views on a single video! Watch this video to learn more!

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How Do Tablet / Ipad Teleprompters Work?

Ipad Teleprompter - John Chow
John Chow setting up his Ipad teleprompter

Do you ever forget what to say when you’re in front of a video camera? I used to read my script or article several times and try to remember the whole thing. Another strategy I tried was to read the script quickly or just a general outline and wing it. While both of those strategies do work, a teleprompter can help you create scripted videos with ease…and they won’t even seem to be scripted. [Read more...]

3 Ways to Easily Accept Online Payments For Your Home-Based Internet Business!

shopping-cartHave you ever wondered how you could easily receive money online? When it comes to online payments, the most popular service has been Paypal. Over the years, I’ve used probably a half a dozen online payment systems. If you’re planning to check some out, you’ll have to look at trust, stability, fees and the implementation of the system. In this post, I’ll go over 3 companies that you can use to accept online payments with ease.

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Amazon and iTunes-How to Promote Freebies and Still Make Money!

When it comes to making money from affiliate marketing, a lot of people think about promoting items for sale. Some promote freebies to generate leads. However, did you know that you can promote digital downloads from place like iTunes and Amazon and still make money?

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DreamHost Promo Codes – Up to $20 Off Your Web Hosting

DreamHost coupon codesLooking for DreamHost discounts? 


As you can see, I’ve been a member since March of 2006! They’ve been one of my favorite hosting providers and they’re always working hard to beat out the competition.

I’m happy to offer you these DreamHost promo codes that you can start using today: [Read more...]

Dot Com Lifestyle Meeting – 3 Online Marketing Tips to Profit From!

Picture by Connie K. Yom

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to meetup with the Dot Com Lifestyle group in Irvine, CA. It was a great way to meet like minded people and discuss strategies for creating passive income online. If you’re outside the SoCal area, you can look for these types of groups on Facebook or

3 Takeaways from The Meetup

The host of the event, Oscar Gonzalez, asked to contribute 3 things that we learned from the meeting. Oscar works together with John Chow and he runs a site focused on helping dads create a fantastic lifestyle. So here’s my first takeaway: [Read more...]

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