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Amazon and iTunes-How to Promote Freebies and Still Make Money!

When it comes to making money from affiliate marketing, a lot of people think about promoting items for sale. Some promote freebies to generate leads. However, did you know that you can promote digital downloads from place like iTunes and Amazon and still make money?

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DreamHost Promo Codes – Up to $20 Off Your Web Hosting

DreamHost coupon codesLooking for DreamHost discounts? 


As you can see, I’ve been a member since March of 2006! They’ve been one of my favorite hosting providers and they’re always working hard to beat out the competition.

I’m happy to offer you these DreamHost promo codes that you can start using today: [Read more...]

Dot Com Lifestyle Meeting – 3 Online Marketing Tips to Profit From!

Picture by Connie K. Yom

Last Saturday, I had the opportunity to meetup with the Dot Com Lifestyle group in Irvine, CA. It was a great way to meet like minded people and discuss strategies for creating passive income online. If you’re outside the SoCal area, you can look for these types of groups on Facebook or

3 Takeaways from The Meetup

The host of the event, Oscar Gonzalez, asked to contribute 3 things that we learned from the meeting. Oscar works together with John Chow and he runs a site focused on helping dads create a fantastic lifestyle. So here’s my first takeaway: [Read more...]

5 Tips for Building a Home Based Business From Scratch

home-officeThe other day I was chatting with a friend of mine about starting up a home-based business. Harry never built a business before, so I wanted to give him some practical advice.

These questions weren’t really new to me. In fact, they were extremely common newbie questions. I’ll compress our hour+ conversation into the top 5 questions and answers. [Read more...]

How To Use Engagement To Organically Grow Your Business

system-communicateWhat if you could get 1000’s of new visitors to your website? Or perhaps capture 100 leads a day on autopilot? This isn’t a pitch for a new product. It’s a pitch for utilizing “content marketing” to grow your business. While content marketing takes a while to build, it should be overlooked.

Rapid Marketing – Get Traffic In Minutes

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing is a great strategy to get business fast! You can post an ad and get people to your business literally in minutes. However, it requires you to spend money just as fast. It’s great if you have the capital, but if you don’t, what other strategies can you utilize to build your business? If you’re in this position, keep reading…
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Google Web Designer – Create HTML 5 Pages and Ads

google-web-designerHave you wondered how you can build modern web pages and animated banners ads? With the recent release of Google Web Designer, you can now build stunning pages and banners…and the software is free! Even if you’re using a content management system (CMS), below you’ll find out some great reasons why you should be using this tool.

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3 Tips For Building a Part-Time Home Business


Are you a part-time home business builder? This is an amazing time in history! I remember building a business before the internet. Getting the word out was just a local thing if I wanted to do it myself. With the power of the internet, I can now reach out to thousands of people around the world! Amazing isn’t it? Today, I just wanted to give you 3 tips. I’ve made some common mistakes over the years and I hope these 3 tips will help lead you down a better path compared to when I first got started. [Read more...]

How to Create Cool Popups On Your WordPress Blog

Today I had the chance to add more modals to my site. You might be wondering what a modal is. According to Wikipedia, a Modal Window is:

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Living Dot Com Movie – Red Carpet Premier on May 31, 2014

My buddy John Chow is in the new film “Living Dot Com“. The red carpet premiere is in Beverly Hills on May 31st, 2014. [Read more...]

John Chow Review – What I Learned From Him

In this post I’ll go over my thoughts about John Chow. If you’ve never heard about him before, he’s a blogger from Canada that was ranked #1 in the marketing category. He’s also the top affiliate for My Top Tier Business (MTTB), a 21-step business model that teaches people how to make 4+ figure commissions in as little as 2 hours a day.

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