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Hi, I’m a multi-disciplinary web developer, designer, and CX strategist

I started designing business websites in 1996, have managed over 2000 business websites across the nation, and have extensive experience in optimizing customer experiences for offline and online products.

Below, you'll find a wide variety of UX, graphic design, web development, and personal art projects that I've worked on.

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Featured Projects

Developed the Highest Rated Drupal Course on Udemy

As of August 28, 2021, the course has 2,265 students and is the featured Drupal course on Udemy.com, an educational platform with over 155000 courses and 40 million students.

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Listing on Udemy

Designed Mockups, Prototypes, and Conducted User Research for the City of San José's 311 System and Primary Website

While working at the City of San José, I was the sole IT resource assigned to the City Manager's innovation team. I performed a wide variety of duties such as designing mockups, creating a variety of prototypes for mobile devices, websites, and software applications, conducting UX discovery and research, managing the development team, developing scripts (UX, HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and usability), and performing UAT.

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City of San Jose's Mobile App

Created a High-Fidelity UI Prototype for the Office of County Counsel's Digital Transformation Efforts

During the pandemic, the Child and Family Protection team had an urgent request to transform their paper-based processes to digital. The team needed a single page form that had all of the key details regarding critical cases that they could easily review in court. I created an interactive prototype, conducted user research, and developed the custom form within ProLaw, the offices primary case management system. 

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ProLaw prototype

Created 57 Mug Designs for an Etsy E-Commerce Shop

I've been obsessed with using the power of words to transform peoples lives. On Etsy, my goal is to help inspire or even spark a laugh through the messaging on the quality mugs that I provide.

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on Etsy
Etsy mugs

Created Vector-Based Logos and Labels for Nutritional Supplement Products

Over the years, I've created many logos and product labels. On the right, you'll find my designs for nutritional supplements that comply with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). I also performed A/B split testing for the designs prior to production.

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Nutritional Supplements

Created a UI Prototype for a Web-based Foodservice App

This user interface prototype was used for conducting UX research to collect feedback on the various features and functionality for an online, foodservice billing application.

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Foodservice app

Personal Art Projects

Before getting involved in UI/UX, I was heavily involved in drawing and painting. I've completed a number of commercial and fine art courses.

My interest in hand-drawn art compelled me to learn more about transforming my skills into digital graphic and UI design.

Here are examples of my artwork. The first illustration on the left is a hand-drawn illustration composed of thousands of dots, using a method called stippling. The second illustration from the left is an illustration which won #2 in a state-wide drawing competition.

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My Illustrations

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